Most Beautiful Backyard

A short road trip to northwest New Mexico felt like a long way from home.  A bit higher elevation and therefore, a bit cooler.  On a visit to friends of friends, I saw the most beautiful backyard ever.  This is SOOC – not enhanced in any way!  And since it has a fence, I’ll enter it in Friday Fences.

Fenced yard with view to mesas and rock formations

I think I took about 87 photos of the rock formation on the left.  I was entranced – couldn’t stop shooting and they mostly all look the same!  The mesa on the right has Anasazi ruins on the top; and the mesa in the middle was sacred to pregnant women.  Historically, this is a very rich backyard.

Red and white rock formations

Red and white hoodoos

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13 Responses to Most Beautiful Backyard

  1. TexWisGirl says:

    a great fence with a most impressive view. 🙂

  2. maple lane says:

    Beautiful scenery and fence.

  3. Carletta says:

    If I could have the backyard of my choice this would be it!
    That view is awesome!
    The style of fencing is most appropriate for the surroundings.

  4. Janis says:

    Wow…I would love to have that view from my backyard! Nice shots

  5. faye says:

    This was an “Oh, my goodness!” reaction when I opened this post! Just stunning all around. How this must influence the attitude of the people fortunate enough to look on this view every day.

  6. Terry Beck says:

    No wonder you took so many pictures, your instincts are right, this is beautiful. I did the same thing with both of the Cactus Parks in Tucson. It was a “now” moment and they don’t happen that often. I will put this on my to see list, for sure.

  7. Marie-AZ says:

    What a fortunate home-owner to have this view over their back fence! Wow!

  8. wow, I agree with you. I would love having a backyard like that. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  9. Beautiful and interesting photos. I like that kind of history.

  10. revrunner07 says:

    That’s what I enjoy about Friday’s Fences–so many different approaches to building a fence.

  11. Latane says:

    The scene is so pretty and I guess I never figured to see a fence in a setting like that.

  12. Oh yes many memories of a wonderful holiday in SW USA wish I could go back….

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