Black Beauty

After a weekend of gentle rain, the rocks and plants looked so bright with their layers of dust washed away.  And on our hike we were greeted by this guy – the first tarantula I’ve seen this year.  Time for the males to be out looking for the females who make no effort at all to be found.  He’s about 3.5 inches long.

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5 Responses to Black Beauty

  1. oh my, surprising me with that when I am drinking my coffee!! great pic

  2. Aspen says:

    LOVELY !!!!! I remember seeing one cross the road and stopping to make sure it got across safely. Another car of women stopped thinking there was a problem then joined in in protecting the crossing. They are quite awesome creatures !!

    • That was on Monday. Yesterday out near Ash Canyon we saw 2 more, so it’s definitely time for them! Some are brown, some black, some spindly and some rather hefty. I need to learn more about them.

  3. Judy says:

    Wow, great photo! He just looks so big even in the photo.

  4. Doug Crews says:

    Ooh, he’s pretty. Can’t imagine the tarantula babes aren’t flocking to him.

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