On Dad’s 97th Birthday

My Dad was a salesman, which is sort of an entertainer.  Always the nice guy, always “on”.  Maybe that’s why I like this photo of him, rather pensive, not concerned with what others thought at the moment.  Not selling anything.

It’s his birthday today – and Groundhog Day too!  He would have been 97.

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4 Responses to On Dad’s 97th Birthday

  1. Cheryl says:

    This photo and your words give a glimpse into a man. Black and white portraits are so strong.

  2. ROSE says:

    Thanks for making a “favorite” out of one of my images from Kim’s class. ~ ” Clock on Shelf 3 ”
    I bet your Dad was a great salesman…he looks like he was. Was he a good dad too ?
    My dad was a salesman all his life too…he would have been 102 this year….he only made it to 73 however.
    I have spent over an hour at your blog…a record for me I think…love your writing and all the places you have been. AND the fact that you have those diaries..and journals of your grandfather’s…I am so envious.
    Please come over to my blog and tell me (via email ) what I can do to imporve my appeal there. A writer I am not. But I have my camera with me with intention a lot….and sometimes VERY angry at myself that I did not bring it on certain other days when I run into “photo opps” !

    Thank you, Rose

  3. This is a great black/white photo of your dad!

  4. Wow! This takes me back. I met this wonderful man and your beautiful mother way back in 1973 – almost 40 years ago. They were so full of life, so welcoming to this young woman (as I was then) who arrived by bus having travelled from halfway around the world. Donna, your parents were so kind and welcoming. We had quite a few laughs, loved our different accents, and learned so much from each other. Very happy memories.

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