Kansas Rock Fence Posts

Driving south through Kansas – near the geographical center of the 48 states, I saw these fence posts made from rock.  You use what you have.  Many homes and buildings in the towns were made from this same kind of stone.

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13 Responses to Kansas Rock Fence Posts

  1. Janis says:

    Hello Nice to meet You. I have never seen a fence post made out of stone…that is very unique. Thanks for playing and sharing this interesitng shot!

  2. Rose says:

    I have seen cement fence posts, but not rock. These are very unique.

  3. Judy says:

    Oh my goodness…We took our kids out west one summer probably about 18 years ago and came upon fence posts just like these in Kansas. Thanks for bringing back memories for me.

  4. Roan says:

    I’ve seen stone corner posts before, but nothing like this. Great find!

  5. Living Life says:

    Very interesting fence. I believe we may have some similar here in Gettysburg, PA.

  6. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I grew up in that part of Kansas, so those posts look so familiar! Thanks for the memories.

    This Fence Knows Riddles

  7. Madsnapper says:

    wow, this is my first ever sighting of a rock fence like this one. wow again

  8. faye says:

    Oh, this is most unusual. In Kentucky we have what’s called dry stone fences where the whole fence is built from stones saved from farm fields. Nothing like this though. Your get the prize for originality in fencing today! 🙂

  9. wow, that is very unusual!

  10. Tricia says:

    I’ve never seen a rock fences like that… must have been a lot of work! Great find =)

  11. Ebie says:

    How cool is that rock fence. Nice!

  12. I’ve never seen rock fence posts before. Thanks for sharing.

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