Nighthawk (Chordeiles) Nest

Can you see the two eggs in this nest?

The nest is just a depression in the sand under a creosote bush. Sierra County, New Mexico, USA.

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19 Responses to Nighthawk (Chordeiles) Nest

  1. i see them….they are so “unprotected”!! i guess it’s not a lot of work for momma to build the nest!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Lovely find, how did you notice them?
    I would love to observe (European) Nightjars on their nest, but it’s almost impossible (even though a couple of breeding pairs live near here, they’re very rare in Germany). but at least I got to hear them call and saw them in flight a few times, that was amazing.

    • I was walking on a park trail and noticed the nighthawk fly away from bush ahead of me. I looked briefly, but didn’t see the eggs. On the way back, she flew away from the same bush, so I was convinced there was nest. I spent about 5 minutes looking at an area of about a square meter before I saw them! I didn’t have to leave the trail – they were that close. They really blend it – and the nest itself is almost non-existent.

  3. Boom & Gary says:

    Yes I can!! Neat capture. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Andrew says:

    Wonderful to see..well spotted.
    Please tread carefully.

  5. Mick says:

    Great photo – a nest like that is so vulnerable!

  6. springman says:

    Excellent find! Lots of shore birds lay there eggs in slight depressions in the sand and are particularly vulnerable. Another good reason to keep vehicles off the beach!

  7. eileeninmd says:

    Great fnd, I hope the eggs were safe. Thanks for sharing. Happy birding!

  8. Kathiesbirds says:

    Perfectly camouflaged as rocks!

  9. Pat says:

    Amazing find! They seem so vulnerable.

  10. joo says:

    Wow, terrific! I love your finding!

  11. aussiepomm says:

    Well, thats very interesting indeed!!! Thanks for sharing it!!!

    Have a great WW!!

  12. Beth F says:

    It took a while but I think I spotted the eggs. Nice capture — it’s hard to believe how exposed that nest is.

  13. Don says:

    I had to look long and hard at the enlarged version to spot the eggs. A wonderful find…glad you persevered until you found this.

  14. well spotted,…. by all of us

    Its a nice take on this often forgotten about part of bird life cycle
    good post


  15. They look like little pebbles. Nice.

  16. Bjørg Nina says:


    I can only see one!

    Do you?
    Put on your walking shoes, bring with your camera or paper and pen and document what you see on October 9 and link to my blog!
    More information:

    Join us ;:OD)
    Comment on my post on Sunday, and I collect the links and make a new post on Monday!

  17. Jean says:

    I see them! Gee….they could pass for rocks. Guess that was Mother Nature’s plan. Remind me of a Killdeer’s nest.

  18. Bjørg Nina says:


    I was wrong, I looked for white eggs! Stupid ;:OD) … and I thought I saw one white, but it’s a normal stone…

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