Unmarked Graves

Unmarked graves of Thomas & Actea Duncan, Las Cruces NM

The unmarked graves of my illustrious relatives were unsettling to me.  And this reaction surprised me.  Ashes given to wind or water have no stone anchoring them.  And I find that inspiring.  Why this unease over the Duncans’ burial place?

A little grass on a sandy patch of ground marked only by the cones dropped from the pine tree.  Had this been a spot near the shore where ashes were scattered, it would be lovely.  But it’s in the middle of a manicured cemetery surrounded by headstones.


Graves can be unmarked to prevent too much attention or vandalism like Michael Jackson’s.  Or it can be to show disrespect intentionally, say for executed criminals.  Or it can come from poverty, which it did in this case.

But for me “unmarked” says that no one cared.  That’s what makes it sad for me.

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4 Responses to Unmarked Graves

  1. Martha Z says:

    This reminds me of our trip to Salem, MA. There by the cemetery were some monuments to two of my ancestors who had been hung as witches. They are not there, though. The monuments came much later and their graves are unknown. A sad part of our history.

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