Wordless Wednesday – Queen Anne’s Lace

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20 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. I have never seen one unopened like that…fantastic

  2. Indrani says:

    Lovely focus in the shot.

  3. angie4beck says:

    Such a pretty plant (Wild Carrot), very good shot.

  4. Oh, wow. It looks like it has so much potential, like it’s on the cusp of something…

  5. Jo says:

    Nice photo! Interesting texture when it’s all closed up like that.

  6. Love it! Queen Anne’s Lace is quickly becoming one of my favorite flowers. They’re such a joy to see out in the fields. Thanks for stopping by! Great minds do think alike. 😉

  7. Oh how lovely!! Nicely captured. Thanks for dropping by. Happy WW!

  8. mumsysrefuge says:

    That is really cool! Lovely flowers!

  9. I love the way you captured what is and what is becoming.

  10. Amy says:

    You take such great pictures. Makes me want to get out and use my camera. Been too busy lately. I like how you made this flower pop out away from the background. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find your pretty picture.

  11. Judy says:

    Beautiful shot! I just love seeing these growing on the side of the road.

  12. niamh says:

    Interesting shot, it really does look like soft lace or crocheted wool from that angle

  13. Elena says:

    Lovely shot! Never seen them in real life though…

  14. Elisa says:

    Lovely! Great composition & I like how the white from the other flower is peaking around.

  15. Lovely! It looks like flowers within a flower.

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