Something Lost, Something Gained

Derelict buildings are often considered eyesores in a town, not to mention safety hazards and arson targets.  But to a photographer, old buildings can be great sources of images.  One of the first shots I made when I moved here was of a bottle and curtains in the window of the old T D Refrigeration Service.  It’s been one of my favorites.

Later I experimented with night photos.  And the one of TDRS was my most successful in terms of capturing the image I wanted.

Now the condemned building has been leveled.  I feel as if I lost one of my best subjects.  And I’m looking to see what has been gained (other than community safety).  I know, I know.

Now we have a different view of the water tower.  The rock wall that formed the back of the building.  The outside wall of the Buckhorn Bar (which may also face the wrecking crew).  I hope they build something here with some character, some whimsy, and most importantly, something photogenic!

In the meantime, the old linoleum lies exposed to sunlight.  And we have another empty lot in town.

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2 Responses to Something Lost, Something Gained

  1. Very thought provoking post. The bottle in the window is a killer shot. The buildings may be gone, but your photos captured their presence forever.

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