Genealogy Dream Trip

I read Angela’s post on finding out some of her heritage.  She asks ‘where do you go to rediscover your heritage?’ and ‘why is the place so important to you?‘   Good questions.  I know for me, not all ancestral locations are equal.  I feel more connected to some than to others.

The Immigrant Couple and Family 1882

My genealogy dream trip is three months in Scotland.  My immigrant Scottish ancestors came to the US in the 1840s from Kinross and Fife.  I would like to spend time in Strathmiglo and environs just to soak in their environment.  Not a quick vacation, not the tourist spots for a week, but time to walk the streets they walked.  To see the hills and valleys they saw and traveled.  Time to get a feeling for the speech, the local history.

I know a lot has changed in 160 years, but I also know that much has not changed.  There will be buildings, maybe ruins, from their years.  For me being in the place that my ancestors were is a communion with them – touching the soil, smelling the wild flowers, and hearing the language.  I can be close to them in their native land.

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4 Responses to Genealogy Dream Trip

  1. Aye, the Done or Doane clan came from Scotland as well. Twould be fine, real fine indeed to walk the hills and hear the sounds of the ancestrial lands …. Good dream ! Somehow I imagin you wil make this happen !

  2. Claudia says:

    Look at this:

    A minha genealogia/My genealogy
    I have found about 650 individuals in my genealogy 🙂

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