The Beck Brothers and Old Route 66

Beck Brothers with teardrop trailer at Twin Arrows

After posting that last entry on taking photos of old Route 66 from the air, I was reminded of my favorite Route 66 historians, the Beck Brothers!  You can check out some of their photos on Terry’s website.

I met them at Twin Arrows, east of Flagstaff, a few years ago.  I always stop there and what a bonus it was to meet Terry and Don Beck on this trip.  They know this old road so well.  They gave me a copy of their “Route 66 Pocketbook” full of photos and facts.  And I was given a good look at the hand-crafted teardrop trailer they had made.  Exquisite.

Twin Arrows, an old Route 66 service station

Part of petting zoo at Two Guns

And they told me I had to visit Two Guns, just up the road.  Two Guns was the home of a petting zoo as well as the full service stop on the old road.  I did stop, of course, and when they also showed up there we went in search of an old bridge they just saw from the interstate.

Entrance to the Apache Death Cave

Then came a guided tour of the Apache Death Cave – something I would NOT have explored by myself!

Thanks again to Terry and Don for expanding my knowledge and experience of Route 66.

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3 Responses to The Beck Brothers and Old Route 66

  1. Aspen says:

    Cool Story Donna ! I linked in and read about the Apache Death Cave… doubtful I would have explored alone but I am typically curious so would have visited to feel the energy. Would love to have checked out their trailer ! Are there pictures somewhere of that ?

    • The cave had quite an aura of a struggle to survive. It’s a clean, pleasant cave (despite the history) – the entrance is the tough part! I would like to stay there longer, just sit and take it in. I took some photos inside, but had no tripod so they were a bit shaky.
      I updated the link to Terry’s site and there should be more photos of the trailer. It was crafted so well. Great guys!

      • Aspen says:

        Well the trailer showed up once more but LOVED the old postcards on their website. I’ve been to more places on Rt 66 than I knew… Obviously my focus had been otherwise than just traveling the old Rt.

        I love checking in on your journeys, Donna !

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