Back Roads from the Air: Old Route 66

Sometimes I don’t get to travel my beloved back roads.  Sometimes I do fly, but the only thing that makes flying tolerable is being able to look out the window.  It’s like a early

View from the window seat of Route 66 near Correo, NM

version of Google Earth combined with scenes that make me wish I knew more geology.  And there are the back roads beckoning.  Dirt roads that call my name and I try to find on maps when I get home.

I just flew to California and had a chance to see some of Route 66 that is now not accessible.  It’s near off I-40 west of Albuquerque, south on Highway 6 near Correo.

Wild Horse Mesa Bar sign

At the sign for Wild Horse Mesa Bar, you can turn west and be on old 66, but if you turn east, you can go only a few hundred yards on it before is barricaded.  From the air, the full route is visible.  It was fun finding it from the plane and remembering the part I could drive.

Old 66 heading west from Correo



Route 66 going east from Correo









It was also fun just taking photos from the plane.  Not high quality shots, but fun!  Having the engine and/or window frame included provided context.

Arroyo Grande Coast from the window seat

Desert road overlooking Malpais near Grants, NM

I’m not eager to fly again, but if I do, I will play with this.  Gotta have the window seat!

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