Reunion Anniversary

May 25th is a monumental date.  Twenty-six years ago I found the son I had relinquished in my teens.  The social worker told me that I would never see him again and should tell myself he was dead.  I never did that and always knew I would look for him.

I consider the search a major accomplishment of my life.  I wasn’t supposed to be able to do it, but I was determined.  And I succeeded against all odds.  My reward was him being open to our meeting.  It was delightful and amazing just to be near him.

All those years ago…

Even after all these years, I am aware of what a phenomenal day that was and what joy he brought.  And I will reach over today and touch him, just to remind me that he really is here in my life.  For on this anniversary, I’m in his home.  With my grandchildren.  The journey-that-wasn’t-supposed-to-be flourishes.

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2 Responses to Reunion Anniversary

  1. Douglas Crews says:

    Awesome. Thank you for bringing Byron into my life as well.

    • I just remember that you were very intuitive about the issues and, without even mentioning it, moved to protect him from the unpredictable family! Your support was very important. Do you know you were also the first person to wish me a happy Mother’s Day? Really touched me.

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