Travel Games from My Youth

 Mom always had games for us to play when we went on family vacations.  Mostly they involved looking out the windows for something.  For one, we tried to identify the cars.  Of course, there were not so many different cars then.  Ford had a couple of models – a sedan, a station wagon, and whatever; same for Chevy and the few others that existed.  Not many foreign cars until VW beetles came out.  So we would try to identify cars that we passed.  Too many different kinds now – and not much difference between them.

We also tried to identify the different state license plates to see how many states we could find.  Again, there was only one license plate type for each state.  That game has been ruined by too many different plates!

My favorite game was counting white horses (I’m guessing my siblings weren’t so interested in this).  To this day I still see them.  But on the last trip I realized I notice all the horses.  There’s no way I could ignore the paints, or appaloosas, or those striking blood bays.  And counting distracts me, so the game has become one of seeing all the horses.  And a fine game it is!

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2 Responses to Travel Games from My Youth

  1. Aspen says:

    I am told that there are more horses in Ohio than anywhere in the nation. Reason being, the Amish. They have the lovely draftys (Perchon and Belguim) and their buggy horses, a mix of StandardBred and ThoroughBred. No problem spotting horses here, Donna ! The Drafts are dark to light Chestnut and the buggy horses are all Bays or Black. You won’t find many whites or paints in Amish country.

  2. I do love those draft horses. Magnificent. But I would miss the paints.

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