Same View : Different Eyes

I’ve done writing workshops where everyone is given the same prompt, say ‘pearl necklace’ and asked to write about it.  There will be as many different takes on it as there are writers – some will write memoir, some humor, or drama, or history, and some barely touch the subject.   And all can be excellent stories.

 The same thing happens with photography.  Give ten photographers the same subject and the photos will have amazing variety.

One of the blogs I follow is Scenic Aperture because I like Frank Comisar’s photos.  And it seems we were in the same area at the beginning of May – Highway 20 in the Sandhills of western Nebraska.  We both found the little church in Wood Lake.  Here’s his view.  It’s a strong, stark picture.  I like it.

This is what I saw…

 I saw a church that blended with the trees and shrubs on its way to crumbling into the earth.  I saw more grays than black and white.  I like this too!

This is my shot from almost the same angle as Frank’s shot.  Color certainly gives a different feel than the black and white.  The clouds and grass overpower the church, which again seems to be fading into the landscape.

 I think I want to join and/or organize photo sessions where several of us shoot the same subject and then share our results.  It would help all of us to see things from new perspectives.  Thanks Frank, for giving me a taste of that.

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