The Spring Flower Show at Rio Bravo

Daisy-like Wildflower

There’s a new art exhibit at Rio Bravo for Saturday’s Art Hop:  The Spring Flower Show.  Whether you are in the cold north or our dry desert, the appearance of flowers in Spring restores hope.  They renew faith that warmth and rain will return to bring life back to the barren landscape.




At Rio Bravo they will feature, among others, Delmas Howe’s flower paintings, and the polaroids of Joe Waldrum.  I saw the polaroid exhibit in Albuquerque – it’s amazing.  Well worth seeing.

Apache Plume

Apricot Blossom





And the totally remodeled gift shop at Rio Bravo includes many new items.  Hope to see you there.

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3 Responses to The Spring Flower Show at Rio Bravo

  1. Aspen says:

    Don’t remember if I told you… I worked for Joe Waldrum for almost 2 years when he first arrive in T or C. Delmas had recommended me as I had helped organize his lithographs into a flat file.
    My first day on the job I met him at his studio (which was on Main street in the building on the corner from White Coyote) He had to run up to Santa Fe and left me, saying “Just do what you do”. He hired me to organize his studio. OH MY !! So I spent the day rummaging through abundance of art and stuff just to get to know him.
    Found bunches of Polaroids. Some even of him as a younger man with curly hair.
    I also found his book and while looking through it I realized I had heard about him when I lived in Albuquerque (another Joe W. story and I have a few)
    I always enjoyed the shows at Rio Bravo. I remember when he purchased the building and his plans and I was so glad he got to enjoy it for a little while before he passed.

  2. How long ago was that? He’s been gone a while, hasn’t he? You know, you should really still be here… I miss you, lots of folks here miss you.

    • Aspen says:

      That feels very warm and fuzzy. Thank You ! I miss so much about NM. Hard for me to think about it. Still have Chloride dreams …
      I worked for Joe before getting into the Arts Council. So I’m thinking… 1996 or 97 ? I left NM in 2008 and Joe had been gone a few years already. Time does go by ….

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