Travel v. Blog

Well, I did not do well on writing for the blog while I was traveling.  Partly it was the camera and computer refusing to communicate and me not being able to translate for them.  Although at home, they do quite well; on the road it seems I do not have authorization for this download.  Makes no sense. 

I took a lot of photos though, so there will be topics to come.  I just need to learn more about this computer.

The fun part of the journey was the slow drive to northeast Nebraska – five days to go about 1200 miles.  I stopped whenever I liked and took all the photos I wanted.

Stopping often is much easier and safer on deserted back roads.  It was frustrating when I got on busier roads and couldn’t safely stop.  I don’t seem to share the road well!

Stopping was often impossible in some parts of eastern Colorado and in places in Nebraska and Kansas where there are no shoulders on the road.  I’d look for a road turning off and then have to walk back – also not fun with no shoulder.  Road design does not take photography into account.

I drove home much faster than I drove out.  I’m a little like a barn sour horse returning home.  I just wanted to get home – I’d been on the road about 10 days.  Quite enough for this trip.

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One Response to Travel v. Blog

  1. Aspen says:

    Well I enjoyed what you were able to send and eagerly logged into my email when I could, to see if there was a new posting from you ! And now that you are safely home, there were two !
    I’m liking the concept of blogging. Much more than having a Face Book page, which I will not. So often I just want to share a thought or an observation. This type of tool would work for that. Still considering. WELCOME HOME, DONNA!

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