‘They’ say shopping is a woman’s desire to hunt – hunting for bargains in the shoe store or a boutique in the mall.  It supposedly explains why some compulsive shoppers have closets full of dresses or shoes that still have the tags on – never been worn.  It’s the hunt that’s important, more important than possession or actually wearing the stuff.

I dislike shopping.  Can’t stand malls.  Does this make me any less a woman?  Am I lacking the very instincts that define femininity?  Absolutely not!  I like the hunt just as much as Felicity Fashion does.  My hunt just doesn’t take place in the mall.

Come shop with me for rocks – not diamonds, but many other kinds:  pavers, garden borders, small crystals, shiny chert, fossils, mica, petrified wood, and many that I don’t know the name of.  We will shop in arroyos for the garden rocks.  Every rainy season the water uncovers more rocks, just like the new season’s fashions at the mall.

We shop on desert hillsides for the yellow, red, black, and maybe some blue or green stones.  An exercise program with the reward of pretty stones.  Another bonus – it’s free!!

Carrying driftwood home

But wait, there’s more – sometimes we find bleached bones, maybe a tiny rodent jawbone, and sometimes exquisitely weathered wood; twisted juniper makes beautiful arrangements.

You might be able to see why I don’t fit in with the mall crowd.

I can be a consumer, though; I can spend money.  My favorite place to buy things is an estate sale.  If none is available, I’ll settle for a yard sale or thrift store.  I buy things I need; objects that look interesting yet unidentified; potential collage pieces; or something that might sell on eBay or at the local consignment shop.  Of course at the time of purchase, I may not be able to name the object or have any idea what I want to do with it.  It has Potential and all the elements of the hunt.  I return home very satisfied with my catch.

I do think my shopping answers the same instinctual needs as the department store shopping does for that other group.  The same rush in finding the perfect item.  Only mine doesn’t put anything on the credit card.

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2 Responses to Shopping

  1. Aspen says:

    I don’t know if it is the Aquarian nature we share or because we are cut from the same fabric of likes and dislikes. At any rate I absolutely agree with you Donna !! Give me a beautiful rock or bleached bone or twisted piece of wood over new shoes any day ! And the pleasure lasts much longer ~

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