My Oldest Best Friends

We don’t look very old in the photo but that was taken a long time ago. Trust me, we are old now. That’s my best friend from childhood on the left – with the same name as me – Donna. And her sister on the right – appropriately called Sis. That’s me in the middle – I try to remind them that I was the petite one. Then, not now.

I’m going up to Minnesota in May to visit. Haven’t seen them in almost 20 years. Donna and I were close friends from our toddler years to high school. Then we went our different ways – we really are quite different in our world view, but we kept in touch.

Now she is the only person who knew me when I was young. My brother is five years older than me – he has no idea what I was up to in those years! It’s grounding to have someone who has known me that long. Someone who shared the same adventures and to whom I don’t have to explain things from our rural backwater neighborhood. Like tree forts in pepper trees, eating pomegranates, finding holly (Toyon – we called it holly) for Christmas decorations, or climbing the huge granite boulders down by the creek. She knows Chuckie, Strider, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Murphy, Lindy, Abner, and might remember meeting Jody Reynolds! She remembers not getting to see Bobby Rydell at the Bostonia Ballroom – a great disappointment. We share thousands of these moments and they keep us laughing.

So I’ll be there a few days, time to catch up on their lives and share mine with them. The important parts of this lifetime friendship are the things we have in common. The differences take a back seat.

Donna supposedly makes a great pomegranate martini. I need verify that. And we will spend most of our time in the past, telling our version of what happened. There will be laughter.

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One Response to My Oldest Best Friends

  1. Aspen says:

    People who you share history with …. people who knew you when …. I miss visiting with people who share history with me. My family, yes, but especially friends who knew me when… I hadn’t realized how much until I moved to Ohio where I only have my partner’s friends and our gatherings are all about their shared history. I am not in the picture so I just sit and listen and yearn for my past.
    Thank you for sharing this, Donna.

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