Grandpa’s Denim Jacket

This jacket is returning home to Nebraska when I go next month.  Six years ago I found it there hanging on a hook in Uncle George’s garage when we were helping him move to the retirement home.

He said it was his father’s and to just throw it away.  It had been hanging there since he moved in – about 20 years!  I asked if I could have it and he said ‘sure’ in that tone that lets me know he thinks I’m crazy.

I carefully washed it a few times – it was encrusted with dust, but otherwise in good shape and it fits me.  In one of the pockets there was the stub of a yellow pencil.  I left it there.  It’s now my writing jacket!  Lots of pockets for a notebook, pens, and camera, and room to collect a few treasures.

It inspires me and makes me feel close to my grandfather.  I think it would like a trip back to the farm.

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One Response to Grandpa’s Denim Jacket

  1. What a lovely idea. Its a really lovely feeling to have something that is a current link to a past member of your family. I have things dotted round the house that are links to various family members, it keeps them “alive”.

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