A Feeder for all Birds

Suddenly I realize I don’t hear any birds.  This time of year at the bird feeder it’s usually  a constant chorus of finches and sparrows.  And sometimes the burbling of quail.  But now I hear none of them.  Looking out the kitchen window I see the reason:  sitting on the gate post a hawk checks out the area.  The white wing doves have flown away, quail have raced off into the brush and most of the small birds are safely away.  I spot a couple of finches in the sage bush about 10‘ from the hawk, carefully not calling attention to themselves.

hawk on fence postThe hawk surveys all directions, what a swivel neck it has!  It doesn’t flinch as all the school buses go down the road, just keeps searching.  Eventually it flies off to find a better hunting ground.

I deliberately put seed out and provide clean water.   I love having birds around, to hear them, to watch their behavior.  And I have learned that my bird feeder is for all birds, even the predator that will fiercely take any of those sweet sparrows that it can.


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