Textured Bunkers

The bunkers at Fort Warden have become some of my favorite targets for texturing.  In these three photos I’ve used the same texture.
bunker textured 3
bunker texturedbunker textured 2This is the texture I used.  It’s available as a download from my Etsy shop.
mud wall 13

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Ancient Ruins

The WWII bunkers at Fort Warden looked like Mayan ruins when I came through the trees.  Maybe not the handrails, or the metal doors, but just general atmosphere!
bunker ancients Fort Warden, Washington, USA.

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Mesa Near Acoma

mesa near acoma

Near Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, USA.

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Broken Window


Maybe it’s time to stop photographing broken windows when I start seeing things in the shapes.  This one is definitely a running pig.  Unless, of course, you see something else.broken window

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Pie Town Garage For Sale

It needs a bit of work, but this garage in Pie Town is right on the highway and very close to Pie-O-Neer pie shop (a huge plus).
shingled garageAnd it has these fine shingles.  Everywhere.shinglesPie Town, New Mexico, USA.

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Shadow Chair

This chair may be past its prime, but it throws a fine shadow.
blue chair shadow

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Crop Circle

Spring in New Mexico is windy.  All animals and plants react to the gusts.  Here a small dried grass makes it’s own art with the wind’s help.
crop circle

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